Artisan Concrete Solutions and Kelly Concrete have been serving the Carolinas for over thirty years. We are leaders in new and innovative decorative concrete work. From our multi-colored stamped concrete, overlays, resurfacing, acid stains, grouting, exceptional interior flooring, and concrete countertops we have created a niche in our market place that tells our customers that they are dealing with experienced, innovative, quality-oriented and sincerely-dedicated professionals.
"I have learned from the best in the business. When my dad started installing concrete in the Charlotte area, I was an infant. It was not long before I caught on, even helping out at the age of five. Though my dad has retired from the concrete business, I seek to bring the same quality and reputation that our family has carried in the business for over 30 years. While we have sought to be innovative and on the cutting edge our main goal has and always will be ensuring customer satisfaction. We hope that you will find what you need with Artisan Concrete Solutions and Kelly Concrete."
Joe Kelly, Owner